viernes, abril 01, 2005

Jump... don't wanna think about tomorrow... don't wanna think about my sorrow

Estoy escuchando a Simple Plan... me gusta el happy punk.
Rulo y yo resolvimos nuestro problema. Lo quiero mucho, mucho...

Hoy escribí dos cosas. Una menos interesante que la otra, pero juzguen por ustedes mismos:

April Fool

Lots of latte being drunk
sitting by the fountain
and thinking of love
Marsha pulls and smells
all the flowers that he sent...

April Fool, April Fool
don't let this be about you
April Fool, April Fool
don't stop these flowers' bloom

Long across the distance
from an edge of school to other
cheek to cheek they have been dreaming
sitting by the fountain
Marsha watches them and mutters...

April Fool, April Fool
show me he is telling the truth
April Fool, April Fool
please, don't bring to me gloom

Minute passed, hour gone
Marsha lays over her elbows
longing still by the fountain
placing her thoughts out of mind
out of heart as she pleads

April Fool, April Fool
take words back through his phone
April Fool, April Fool
you're turning my wish blue

Students walking all around
laughing, hugging, screaming, sighing
"poor girl who sits by the fountain
she was given the crown of the fool"
Marsha listens crying out

April Fool, April Fool
what about the things he wrote?
April Fool, April Fool
why did he make of me another joke...?

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