jueves, marzo 25, 2010


Mi respuesta al post "What does "Geek" mean to you?" en http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2010/03/23/ask-gas-what-does-geek-mean-to-you/#comment-248844

I have been a geek forever. I read by myself when I was 4, actual non illustrated books. I have been called all sorts of lousy nicknames by all sorts of lousy people who never wil be able to accept what is different from them. I used to play Magic a lot (when I actually had the time and the pals to play with). I am a fan of a different decade, and I have a weird knowledge of 60s happenings and of 60s music. I graduated high school with honors and I've got my major's top grades. I study journalism, and I am part of almost every academic project that comes within my reach. I am a fan of certain witty TV shows such as Gilmore Girls and The Big Bang Theory. I actually understand the inside jokes planted on those scripts.
I adore fantasy and sci fi literature, I am into comics and manga, I cosplay at comic cons.
I'm not GREAT with computers, but I certainly find them compelling, and understand them a lot better than most people I know.
I'm a collector. I have a very personal sense of style, and my bedroom is a very eclectic bazaar, my own chaotic order.
I have had the pleasure to meet amazing people, and even to grow up with really amazing people (almost from the craddle) who dress up in Halloween even if we're entering our 20s. Our hardcore partying involves very little alcohol, but rather lots of sugar, 8 straight hours of gaming, and about 3 hours of lexical board games.
I am a movie fan. I go to openings, and I don't mind waiting hours in line just to put on those wonderful 3D glasses or to watch that trailer I've been wanting to see for ages.
Internet has helped me realize that being a geek is a global quality, and that it turns you into a more tolerant and caring human being, because you KNOW different, you KNOW how it feels like to be the outsider, and you KNOW compassion. And, oh yeah, you're smart.
I've used the word "I" a lot in this answer, but geek is not about narcissism, it's about knowing yourself, liking yourself, enjoying yourself, and embracing yourself. Because chances were that not a lot of people would do that... until this sorts of sites came, and made you realize that you are most definitely not alone in saying: