viernes, septiembre 17, 2010

More on the MCR mystery

Toda mi especulación... todo al diablo y todo valió la pena!!! watch it now!!!!! We've got a title!!! (that we already knew) and a "coming soon".... omfg

(lo que iba a postear....)

So far....
"Goodbye horses", by Q Lazzarus en KLSK (previously we could listen to "Horse with no name" by America)

HRBT obviously means Heart beat

WKIL static for about 5 seconds, then fades, then music, sounds live... more static... and i can swear it's freaking Gerard's voice... can't recognize the song... static comes back, then national anthem. Could be the alleged new single "Bulletproof Hearts"

RFDD bars. and beep. then falters and - - _______ - ________ - -_____ -- __ --
or so.

BLND keeps showing zone recognition video. keeps freaking me out.

End of transmission.

New video from DrDeathDefying: Zone surveillance 1C. He calls them Draculoids. Two guys in Miami-Vice suits, remind me of the guys from UA. Face-paint or masks similar to Frank's. Ray guns in their hands. Coming towards camera.

Zone surveillance 1D. 9 secs. Ladyboy skates through screen. Carries something in right hand: laptopish... wears helmet? black square. Twit announces: "Skate your darling little heart out Ladyboy, we need the signal".

Wonder if anybody is connecting the dots between the songs and bands DDD is showing us. Must look into. Realizing I've heard that last one before... "Whisper to a scream" - icicle works.

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