sábado, septiembre 25, 2010

Ember aka Firecracker

My name is Ember. At least that's the name I gave myself after everything came to a halt, after I discovered the hardway that you can lose your life and keep existing. You just move on, keep running, leave no trace, never look back.

I am a runaway. I've never known exactly what or whom I run from. Perhaps it's my past trying to catch up with me, perhaps it's me escaping my future. I know no home, haven't dared call anywhere the "h" word since this race started. I used to live in Mexico City, before the Great Clash of 2019. Now there's no City left, no housing, no safety... the only freedom is what you scrap from the dusty walls of uncertainty.

My professional training covers journalism, research, translation and decoding, sewing, and cooking. I've gradually taught myself Survival 101. There are, however, areas of knowledge and skill that I have yet to learn: electronics, for example. Every now and then, my gadgets will collapse, and I'll have to resort to the underground or my mystery tech to fix them. The former is exceedingly expensive, and it comes hard for me to pay for spares or repairs; the latter, I have never met. One night my electronic reader died, I was devastated... being one of my best friends on those days, I gave it a proper burial and decided to spend the night hidden near the tomb. Next morning I woke to find my e-reader working on full pistons right where I left it the night before. Happened a couple more times before I started leaving some of my own food or drink supplies in exchange. Am I worried he/she is following my lead and could attack me anytime? No, he/she would have done already.

Separated from our family when only teens, a group of friends and I made our way through some rough patches. We grew up together, got raid together, fled together. I am the only one left.

I can't fight for I know no battlefield. I am looking for answers - I have been my entire life -: what happened to my biological parents and siblings? who took my friends? what is the Masterplan? how did this world get this way?

Among stuff I've been able to nick or assemble (with humble help from Mystery Tech), there is a shortwave broadcaster/receiver - a relic of sorts, remainder and reminder of happier times. After numerous futile attempts, I managed to transmit through FCKR (codename: Firecracker), and got a brief yet encouraging response from a certain WKIL. A call to arms, I figured.

That was the first foreign frequency I received, since then I have been hopping zones, following anonymous but somehow reliable clues. All I'm sure right now is I'm moving North, determined to find and aid the so-called Killjoys in their quest for noise.

I will not rest until I reach my destination.

The future is bulletproof.
Ember es mi personaje en el Dangerverse (universo relacionado con el nuevo álbum de My Chemical Romance - "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys"). Tras incursionar en el misterio y juego construidos e impulsados por la banda, fuimos invitados (los fans en general) a crear nuestros propios personajes dentro de este mundo post-apocalíptico.

[Versión cosplay coming soon]

Más historias y perfiles en Tales from the Dangerverse, en el tumblr de Girl Automatic.

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