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Fangirls and stuff

Con este tipo de posts es que realmente debería sacar cuenta en tumblr pero no lo haré porque a) sería un vicio más, b) too much stuff to manage y terminaré abandonando mi cuenta como abandoné hi5, myspace, spaces, xanga, eliteskills, deviant, etc. So, disculpen. Y el idioma es porque la mayoría de personas que conozco que realmente sabrán de lo que hablo no hablan español. So, again, disculpen.

It's no secret that I love My Chemical Romance with all my heart. Actually, my love for them is getting a bit annoying for some people who happen to endure me on a daily basis. I love this band and I'm very proud of being a fan of them, despite all the hate and misconceptions and misinterpretations that come along with that. But you know what? We are not victims. We do not victimize ourselves as a fandom. Haters gonna hate and there's nothing we can or want to do about it.
I've met amazing people through this fandom, truly great guys and girls who happen to be smart, creative, and strong. People with meaningful inputs on life. And then there's the fangirls. I'm all for tolerance and helping people get into a band or artist. I'd rather teach or help than plainly dismiss someone because they don't know for sure what they're getting into. But when fangirls get in the way of true fans, now that pisses me off.

There was a live twitcam event with MCR on MTV Spain. Fans would be asking questions to the band through twitter and have them pick their questions and answer them live before their show. First of all: I love that MTV did this thing to get fans into a more direct interaction with the guys, but come on! Journalists shouldn't be asking fans to build their interviews for them (Kerrang, cough, cough)! That's a whole different subject. Back to fangirls...

I didn't send a question in because I wasn't available at the moment of the twitcam thing, but I saw that some fellow killjoys were sending in really interesting questions, not meaningless, stupid comments: good, well structured, interesting questions. How many of those got to the band? 2 or 3, to the most... and why was that? because fangirls drowned them down in the timeline with comments such as "OMG MIKEY SO SERIOUS" "Gerard is too sassy for me" "give me some frerard" and shit like that. Now, I know we all are allowed to have fangirl moments and express stuff like "OMG I love Gerard" "I would marry him right now!" "Ray's fro is amazing" etc, I've had those fangirl moments, I won't deny it. But there's a difference between having a fangirl moment and screwing up what could have been an interesting interview. When you fangirls do that, you make the fandom look bad.

Fellow killjoy and definitely not a fangirl NeonCinderella ranted about it recently in a more articulate manner than me (sorry guys, I'm on flu-meds). And about that part in her rant regarding people who whine about why can't MCR come faster to Latin America...

People: do we really want another TBP-like touring disaster? We don't. As much as I loved that their insanity brought them twice to Mexico City in less than 6 months (oct 07 - april 08), I really don't want them to go through hell again. I'm like every other fan hoping they will announce dates here, but I understand that they are trying to tour in a way that a) will give them quality time with their families, b) will keep them enjoying their job, c) will not put them at risk.

They will come back. They like it here. Just give them time.

So, that's pretty much it. Excuse the rant, excuse the grammar and excuse the general lack of style, I'm in physical pain here and will not reread before hitting "Publish".

Keep it ugly.

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