sábado, junio 19, 2010

Regresando de ver Toy Story 3

(comentario que publiqué en una entrada de The Pixar Blog)

Well, I came back from watching it a couple of hours ago and... Holly Mother of Wow!I loved it. I loved that it made me laugh along with my friends and along with dozens of people I'll probably never meet again. I loved that it kept the hordes of children silent and focused for the whole screening (except the parts when they would laugh along). I loved that it reminded me of my own toys and my own experiences. I loved that it also made me cry like the baby I still am at heart. I loved that it opened my eyes to how I should close the cycle with my best friends who will graduate from college one year ahead of me...I enjoyed the visuals even if I didn't watch it on 3D and IMAX. I enjoyed finding easter eggs as the movie went on. The music fits perfectly, the animation blew my mind (OMG with Lotso's fur!)...It's amazing.

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