martes, febrero 24, 2009

You know I believe and how...

Paths may cross and intertwine but for every man there is his own track. There is no sharing, no carpooling, mere company for a brief illusion of parallel highways. There is no one and only road. There are crossroads, valleys, hills, bridges broken and repaired. But in no way there is a sole line for all to follow. No holding hands eternally, no following one another, but amazing discoveries that two paths accidentally intersect.

Paths can cross, collide,
intertwine, flirt, deceive, combine,
separate, intersect, break apart.

Roads may be built of sand,
of dust, of ashes and salt,
of coal, of stone or clusters of ice.

Walk the line, run the track
stroll over iron bridges,
stainless carpets made of glass.

Take a step in the opposite direction,
be aware of where your feet are headed for.

No whatever, no goodbye, no senseless decisions taken in a flash of dark.

[I don't wanna leave her now, you know I believe and how...]

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ybaG solbaP dijo...

Definitivamente el camino es difícil, irreal y muchas veces, pero por mucho que he intentado quedarme sentada mis piernas se entumen y se deben de mover. Muy buena reflexión marcianita espacial.
Por otro lado fuiste lo más acertada al terminar con un fragmento de la canción más romántica del mundo de acuerdo a Frank Sinatra...