domingo, diciembre 09, 2012

Things to live by

I haven't written in English for a while. Don't exactly know why, though, since half the time my inner voice speaks the language (no kidding). Tonight I just saw my Packers win what seemed a tough match against the Detroit Lions. We vanquished them and are still head of NFC North with a 9-4 record. If we beat Chicago next week, we'll be heading to playoffs in a heartbeat. But that's beyond the point. As I watched the game I saw a tweet by Zoë Gulliksen on the things she needs to change about herself to live a happier life. That kind of broke my mood for a bit and got me all self-aware, but it turned out to be a good thing, since I am now writing this down.

People who know me know that I can be an awfully insecure person and that there are a lot of flaws that I hate myself for. However, they don't always realize how hard it is for me to try and be a better person, specially since I am sometimes spoiled by them (I have an amazing family-friends network) and told that I'm such a nice, caring, etcetera human being. Thanks for that guys, really, but I also appreciate the heavier heads up on how silly I can get. So, I am writing down the things about me that I am aware that need changing. It's all about starting a better year than 2012 (and this was a Hell of an awesome year!). Here goes the List of Things I Gotta Change for 2013:

In no particular order:
- Eating healthy tastes better than regaining weight.
- Dial it down a little with the overthinking and overreacting.
- Exercise is a must.
- Discipline and will look pretty on me.
- A little make up never hurt anyone.
- You are not alone, but you can walk the world by yourself.
- That tattoo on your wrist is a lifelong commitment: Be strong. Believe.
- Happiness does not equal being in a relationship, the latter is more like a bonus track.
- Nothing writes itself: keep working on your letters.
- It's not about the money, it's about the ride.
- Eyes on the prize and don't stop rowing.
- Fear not, for you've fallen before and here you are alive.

Some might seem cryptic, but they do have a meaning in my heart. They are rules to live by that I must remember at all times in order to become a happier me.

Any ideas for yourselves?

PS: Thanks for the idea, Zoë!!

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